This research belongs to “Comparative Religion”. Islam, Judaism & Christianity are 3 main Abrahmic religions which r linked with each other like a chain. Judaism came first, then Christianity came and Islam is the last one. This research is to examine and understand what these religions r, what r their beliefs, whole structure and how they differentiate from each other. This is a very deep, thorough, comprehensive & compact research. If somebody wants to know what these religions really mean, he or she can rely on this research with confidence. The base of Christianity and Judaism is “Holy Bible”, likewise base of Islam is “Holy Quran”, and so this research deals with both Holy Books. A researcher or a scholar has a liberty to ask, think and pose any type of question and to go every possible extent to find out the answers or to discover the ultimate truth. So this research also has a “Critical” touch. As research is an ongoing process, so this is not a final verdict, all scholars of the world r invited & welcomed to read, examine and have a dialogue about this. This research is also a dialogue between Prime belief systems of this world. As this research raises many questions to answer, so Christians & Jews r invited to answer them, similarly they also have question, so they are welcomed with their questions. Knowledge & Truth both take man from darkness to light, same is the purpose of this research.

We Muslims have “Islam”, a belief system which brings humanity from darkness to light. This research is also a call of Islam to humanity to come to Islam (with the respect of all other religions).

May Allah bless us all and guide us towards eternal truth, light & wisdom. Advance apologies if someone feels hurt…………   Peace